22nd May 2020

Celebrate with us!

We're turning 60!

And we'd love you to celebrate with us!

Due to the ongoing coronavirus pandemic, we couldn't celebrate our anniversary milestone with you all the way we wanted to - with a big celebratory concert and reception in June.

But of course, we couldn't let this big moment in our history pass by unmarked and so we have been busily working on a surprise for you all.

With a nice article in The Comet - the cat is out of the bag and you may now know that we've created a recording of our signature song - As Long As I Have Music - which will be released on the date of our anniversary, 23rd May. 

The track was recorded by each singer individually at home and mixed together to bring us together to sing even when we can't physically be in the same place. We hope you enjoy listening to it as much as we enjoyed making it!

This is where you come in! As many of you know, our concerts are not-for-profit and we donate the proceeds to local chaties. We had to cancel our April concert as well as our June celebratory concert and so we wanted to find a way to still raise some much needed money for our two chosen charities at a time where charities are finding it very hard to raise vital cash.

We would have been singing for TRACKS Autism - a specialist early years centre in Stevenage for children with an autistic spectrum condition, and React - Rapid Effective Assistance for Children with potentially Terminal illness.

If you enjoy our anniversary track, please would you consider leaving whatever donation you can so that we can still donate to these two very worthy causes? We have a Virgin Money Giving page where you can do this - especially if you may have been planning to come along to one of our two concerts!

We hope that you are all well, and that we will be able to celebrate with you all next year as we had planned! In the meantime, check out our social media pages for lots of historic photos and of course, the release of As Long As I Have Music! 

Stevenage Ladies Choir in the 1960's and now